Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2nd

(It's Adron's 40th Birthday!) A quick hello to everyone. Zack continues to do well with therapy. The movement he does have gets stronger daily. Please keep praying for new movement. He loves visiting with his friends so keep that coming! I read the cards to him in the evening - how thoughtful and generous of everyone. Thank you so very much! We are still waiting to hear about the TLC program, to hear if he gets in. We are starting to plan home construction... getting a ramp made, redoing the bathroom, widening doors, etc. Thank you to the people involved in that project! We are continuing to count our blessings in the midst of all this. God is providing us with what we need. Love and appreciation to ALL of you! Have a safe and fun 4th of July.


  1. definately are a women of much strength and courage and a wonderful mother! Not once have i heard you complain or ask why us...please remember that none of us were made to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, dont forget to reach out, even if all you need is a pep talk over the are a women of faith and that faith will pull you and the family thru this...take care of yourself also. Our amazing maker has brought Zach farther in this short time then any of us ever dreamed! He is there carrying you guys, and loving you thru every minute of every day. No words can take away the desperation you must feel, that i know, but please dont forget that we are all children of God and when we need strength and feel like we cant go no more he is there for us, all we need to do is ask. PLease without reservation lean on all of us, we all will do for you guys whatever is needed with open hearts and arms...God is great, he is near, he hears our prayers...tell Zach to keep up the good work and great attitude! and not to forget this is all part of a greater plan God has for him....both of you keep on keepin on...

    much love and prayer,

    kym jackson

  2. Hi Amber
    Hope you know that we are all praying for Zack & of course you & the family. Hope you were able to celebrate w/ Adron on his B-Day.
    I continue to TRY & leave comments for you, but I would say 1 in 4 gets posted-the authorization code just does not come up.
    Matt & family are busy getting ready for their move. We all continue to pray for Zack & hope he will get all the additional therapy he needs.
    Much Love
    Sheila & family

  3. Hey Amber,

    My mom told me you will be reading all the comments to Zach and I reckon its my turn to attempt to give some encouraging words.

    Zach, I hear you have had an extraordinary amount of faith and courage and I just want to honor you for that; it has been a trying time but we serve a good God whom is fighting the battle with you! We as a family will continue to pray for y'all.

    Happy birthday Adron

    With much love,

  4. Church is praying for you all, Amber! We will just continue to lift everything up in prayer. Thank you for your updates so we know specifically how to pray. Zack is such a strong young man. If anyone can do this thing (of course with God's healing hand) Zack can! You're family is so precious. We love you all!
    The Jones Family, --Dan, JoAnne, Zack & Danielle

  5. Zack!
    I miss you buddy, Im sorry i couldn't visit today. Family stuff:/
    I love you<3


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