Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday's Update

Zack has had a lot of fun with his friends visiting... it really lifts his spirits. Thanks! Please pray that he gets into the TLC Program (a 30 day live-in intense rehab program, spending 5-6 hours a day getting him ready to transition home). It's not covered by insurance, but a sweet lady at Casa Colina has applied for funding for Zack. She says Zack is special and deserves a chance. I will know in about 3 weeks if he has been accepted.
Love, Amber


  1. Hi Amber
    Hoping this Post works- I have tried 3 times today-never get the authorization code after I finish the message.
    I am praying that Zach will get the funding he needs to get that additional help-would it be there at Casa Colina?
    Hoping you are both doing ok & that Zach is staying strong in his faith.
    I am continuing to pray for all of you.

    Matt & family move to Mass. on Aug. 1st,that'll be another tough time for me, but I will survive.

    Love & Prayers

  2. Zach i gotta say im so proud of all the progress you have made! My heart sang for joy on Saturday when i watched all you have accomplished! I know its not easy but all of your hard work and determination are definately paying off! You have come so far in such a short time Zach! Keep on keepin on you can do it. You are such an inspiration! I saw a sign that said "If the road your walking on has no probably dosent lead anywhere." Its just a bump in your road but its all part of Gods plan for your life dear boy..he is always by your side..remember when you look back and see only one set of footprints...its because he was carrying you. Keep your faith Zach....we all pray for you everyday never forget how much your loved.


    kym jackson

  3. ZACKKK:) we miss you! were going to try to come visit you this week...we are planning to come visit every week! we love you <3
    -reagan,mckenna,tricia & chloe

  4. Hi Zack & Amber..
    Hoping you are doing aok this week & I am so glad that many of your friends are able to visit.
    As I read all the comments people send to you, it is clear, you are loved & you are surrounded by prayer.
    I am sure your family is VERY proud of you-keep up the hard work.

    Love to all of you-

  5. Hi Zack,

    Your character throughout this trial is so inspirational to so many people. We are very proud of you look forward to seeing you soon. We must agree with your Dad that you are a Hero. Keep working hard Zack and never lose faith. You have our never-ceasing prayers for healing, peace,comfort and for Gods abundant grace and mercy to shower down from heaven over you and your family!!!We have no doubt that GOD IS GOING TO RESTORE YOU!!! God Bless you Zack!!!

    Love Jeff, Tamara, Jon and Jake Brown


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