Friday, July 23, 2010

July 23

Zack has not been eating or sleeping well. He's very uncomfortable and his body goes into spasms all night long. We've tried sleeping pills, but they are having the reverse effect. He's getting frustrated and feels helpless. Please pray specifically for Zack today, he needs his rest.

On another subject, a lot is going on....we are probably leaving within the next 2-weeks. It doesn't look like the TLC program is going to work out for Zack. Turns out the program is a little different than we thought (more for adults) and may not be the best fit for him. Since he will be coming home soon, we have A LOT of work to do. We have already started on the house modifications--walkways, ramp, widening doorways, workable bathroom, etc. The biggest decision right now is his wheelchair. He's trying out different ones this week. We are still looking into the van conversion options (very expensive), but needed nonetheless right away. They have been teaching me how to do most of his care and I'm participating as much as possible, but feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all.

It's been a span since we've updated, so wanted to give you a brief today. More details and pics to come. Again, we appreciate your support. Love, Amber

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  1. Amber & Zack,
    Sending lots of love & prayers your way.
    Hoping they will get Zack's "sleeping" situation under control~and I am hopeful that the transition home will go well. You are all in my thoughts & prayers & continuing to pray for Courage & strength for all of you.

    Lots of Love


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