Thursday, January 14, 2016

Speaking Opportunities

Zack has had the opportunity to speak at a few places- all different situations. His little sister's Girl Scout troop, a Q&A's interview at a monthly business meeting, a 5th grade classroom, demonstration with his service dog Sedona (These 3 pictured below) Not pictured were an all girls HS group learning how to help others and put on events, Elks lodge in Orange who have been very supportive since the beginning. The biggest event was The Goodwills 90th Gala Fundraiser
 (hosted by the Beach Boys & John Stamos)

When Zack was still newly injured and was asked if he was interested in speaking it was a firm No Way. How far he has come! Telling his personal story gives awareness about the dangers of the ocean, and how life can change in an instant. Most important is that you have a choice on how to handle life when it Does get hard.

Great job Zack!



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