Friday, January 16, 2015

We're Not Alone

Wow 2015!

The holidays have come and gone since my last post, I was reminded today that it's been awhile (Thanks Howard!).

Zack and I have formed friendships with other families who have gone through the same type of life altering injury. The photos below show Zack with other guys (around his age) who have also endured life changing accidents that left them paralyzed.

One boy was injured at Newport Beach, 42nd St. (same place as Zack) 3-years earlier! Another was injured at Crystal Cove Beach "Memorial weekend" (same as Zack) one year later. One was also just 15-years old (like Zack) when injured. Another is the oldest child with (3) younger siblings (yep, like Zack).

They all have different things in common. All these boys (young men!) are Amazing! Each has their own story of how they lost so much in an instant, yet fought, adapted, kept positive attitudes, and have been such a source of inspiration to So many. I wish they all lived closer to each other but we at least get to see them either at physical therapy, our annual Christmas get together, Fundraisers, or Summer BBQ.
I am Blessed with 6 other moms who have, and are, my biggest support system. I am So grateful for each one of them! They are my sounding board, advice givers, friends, supporters and Amazing moms! Otherwise known as
"the Quadmoms."

Zack and I are Not Alone.

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