Monday, June 2, 2014

4 Years

This week marks the 4th year Zack has lived his life as a quadriplegic. I've said this over and over and will continue to say it, Zack is Awesome! He continues to make the best out of his situation. He just completed his freshman year of college even getting a A in Math (his hardest subject). Zack would still like to move onto campus in the fall, God willing we find caregiver coverage and workout all details involved in that. Zack is staying strong, working out 3 days a week to keep his body healthy. We continue to make small and large goals, at the same time learning to enjoy the present. Life does not slow down for anyone, you have to grab the moments. The picture of Zack at the beach was taken in Santa Monica this month at a Life Rolls on event. Where paralyzed people can surf with the help of wonderful volunteers. Very Proud of you Zack! Love, mom

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