Friday, October 11, 2013

Off to College

Zack graduated in June (watch grad video if missed it)
We had a fun summer, that flew by. Zack started CSUF on August 26th and it's been non-stop since! Unfortunately the caregiver we hired to work for Zack, was not able to last minute, so that left "mom" going to college but it turned out great actually because so much happened those 1st few weeks of college. I was glad I was there. We ended up dropping a class that made his schedule much less stressful, we learned where everything was, found all the good eating places, visited disabled student services and academic advisement, looked into tech support services, went to career fair and Zack met a few people.

Now that he's been there about 6-weeks he's much more comfortable and getting used to his schedule (school & physical therapy) and homework.

We have found (2) fellow students (a Jr/Sr) to help Zack on T/TH so off he goes on those mornings "mom free" it's wonderful for both of us! Ha!

Sedona (Zack's service dog) is getting her education too and goes 4 days a week with Zack...she's doing her job well students and teachers seem to like her.

Please keep us in prayer there's always lots of things to juggle and new hurtles to overcome but I'm pleased to say the 1st few weeks of college life has been good to Zack.

Thanks for the continued interest in Zacks (change of life story).

Love, Amber

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