Friday, February 22, 2013

Meet Sedona

We finished our 2-week training at Canine Companions for Independence, in Oceanside and all I can say is what a Amazing program!

The staff, instructors, the volunteers, definitely know what they are doing and after 30-years I guess they should, it was a life changing experience. We met wonderful people and you can't help but bond in a situation like this, all 9 recipients were matched with incredibly smart, wanting to serve, lovable, loyal dogs.

Each of us were matched perfectly. Well worth the year long wait.

We were able to meet the puppy raisers and anyone who does this has a special place in my heart, what a gift they are giving!

Thank you CCI you guys Rock!
CCI is funded by donations so if you want to give to a place that really makes a difference check them out... the facility is beautiful and there truly blessing and changing the lives of people who have daily struggles, and putting smiles on many people's faces!

Love, Amber

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