Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Video :: Zack Taking HIS FIRST STEPS!!!!!

This video was taken in October, 2011. It shows Zack Collie "walking" -- watch carefully as he takes steps with his right foot all by himself! 1st time on video.

Zack was paralyzed in a beach accident Memorial Day 2010 and was told he had a less than small chance to ever stand or walk again. Thanks for beating the odds Zack!


  1. WOW!! Our God is an awesome God! This is so incredible and uplifting. I am crying tears of joy right now. Thanks for sharing Amber. You must be thrilled! Good going Zack!Love,Peggy P. in Az.:)

  2. Tears of Joy!!! Keep it coming Lord!!!Complete restoration!!!! Great job Zack!!!


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