Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Zack Visits Casa Colina

When Zack was 1st injured we met other parents and "boys" who were injured before Zack, they helped walk us through the hardest time. One of the boys was Brian Goodwin he was the one who at 17 years old ran into the ocean at Newport Beach, 42nd St. (same as Zack) and was also instantly paralyzed. He has now been injured 4 years. Brian had come to visit Zack at Casa Colina and Ill never forget Brian wheeling himself into Zack's room with the biggest smile on his face. I have to say in that moment I didn't know to smile or cry, the reality of Brian then 3 years post injury sitting in a wheelchair was very hard for me. But I instantly liked his positive attitude and the fact he'd come to visit my son. Since that day Brian has become like a older brother to Zack.

In one picture below it shows Zack, Claire and Brian. Claire was both Brian and Zack's occupational therapist at Casa it was a bittersweet (for me anyway) reunion between the 3 of them.

So in my head I always knew one day we would try and give back and visit anyone who also had a unfortunate accident like Zack. But I was not pre-pared to meet Kody!
.Kody is 16 years old
.Both boys are Jr.s in High school
.On Memorial weekend of 2011 (Zack Memorial day 2010)
.Kody ran into the ocean and broke his neck by hitting a sandbar and was instantly paralyzed
.He broke his neck at C-4 (same as Zack)
.He has a 14 year old brother (same as Zack)
.He ended up at Casa Colina
.Same hospital room
.Same Dr.
.Same case worker
.Same OT (Claire)
.Same PT (physical therapists team)

It was a very strange feeling walking into Kody/Zack's hospital room decorated with posters and pics like Zack had done.
Kody has now been released from Casa and is home. He will be going to Project Walk if all goes as planned.
I hope to be of service to Kody's family as I truly feel the heartache they are going through. The boys "timeline" is identical. I look fw to seeing Kody progress this next year as he continues his own recovery process.


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