Thursday, January 20, 2011

Helping Hands

Hello to everyone who participated in the "Helping Hands" program -- I wanted to send a heart felt Thank You to all of you. The meals felt like a true lifesaver, especially looking back now on the 1st few months of Zack's injury. With me living at the hospital and the other kids and Adron here it was your support that got us through. Thank you also to all the people who helped with laundry, house cleaning, kid watching and grocery shopping. Now that we are over 7 months post injury I think we have somewhat settled into our new normal and I have been adding "chores" back into my schedule one at a time. My schedule feels like a puzzle that I orchestrate daily. As hard as it is we are doing it (by the grace of God). My whole family thanks you for taking time out from your schedules to help us. Please keep visiting Zack's blog as I will keep it updated with pictures and Zack's progress... for those of you who are reading this as an e-mail. Monica, a special thanks for setting up Helping Hands and keeping it running. And to Tracy for posting on the blog continuously as I am computer illiterate. (haha) Again Thank You from the Collie family.

P.S. I have a large assortment of pot & pans. If you're missing something come over and look. (Thanks again!)

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