Friday, October 15, 2010

Girl Scout Support

This is Jr. Girl Scout Troop 294 they have "adopted" Zack after hearing about his accident in the OC Register. They are trying to help raise support for his physical therapy and other needs. You may have seen them in the Yorba Linda Star paper 2 weeks ago! They are working very hard with multiple ideas on how to help Zack. They came to the house to meet Zack and they are a great bunch of young ladies. We just wanted to say "Thank you" to them.
The Collie family


  1. Hi Amber & Zach,
    I continue to be so touched by the wonderful community support that has been given to Zach & all the family. It really is a blessing to know there are many loving & caring people out there that hear of a need & instead of"oh that's too bad"-they are "doing" what they can. So many behind the scenes people & so many strangers who continue to pray for Zach's physical recovery-bless then all & as always I send my love & prayers to all of you.

    Sheila & family

  2. Hi Amber,
    I'm so happy to hear that Zach is doing much better and to know that there are many caring and loving people out there!! I can't imagine what you and your family are going through... but I do know that medical expenses can be really expensive.. I have a son who has epilepsy and his meds can be really pricy and we have to pay out of our pockets if the insurance don't cover it.... After reading about what happened to your son Zach, I've been wanting to get in touch with you but i couldn't get your direct email...I hope you get my message. I work with a company that has a program that enables us to help non profit organizations such as yours in raising ongoing funds. I'd love to sit down and discuss this with you sometime this week or next week. This program will be free for Zach and I think you will find it very rewarding.

    Please let me know if you are free this week or next week to discuss in details. My email addy is


    Jamie Nguyen


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