Monday, August 2, 2010

August 1

There is a small blip of an article in the OC Register of yesterdays paper (7/31), local section, page 14 bottom right. There is going to be a story with photos of Zack in the Yorba Linda Star paper that will come out this Thursday. You can pick up free copies of it at the library and various other locations in the city.

On another note, a few people have emailed me and said the comments they've posted are not coming up on the blog. We are working hard to resolve the technical glitch and should have it fixed shortly. Please continue commenting, it's really encouraging!

Thanks for following Zack's progress, we love hearing from you.


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  1. I read the article in the Register today and I am glad to hear Zach is hanging in there. I was working at tower 61 that day and I still remember hearing the call and the impact it had on all of us. It is always sad to see something like this happen and I wish there was more we could do. I sent the story from the newspaper to the first responders and we are all pulling for you Zach!


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