Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Great Christmas Gift

The pictures show Zack getting a new pair of headphones he apparently REALLY wanted hence the Big smile!

But I got an even better gift, on christmas eve when we were getting Zack ready he moved his 2 big toes!! Yep they move on command. I'm looking FW to the other toes following suit.

Have a Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Praise God!!! That brought tears to my eyes :) Keep it coming Lord, complete restoration in Jesus name!!!! Love you guys!


  2. Amber, I am crying tears of joy! What an awesome gift. The gift of movement! I pray every morning for your boy, and have just felt that God would one day restore him. Praise God! Happy New Year to your whole family. Love, Peggy Pentecost in Az.

  3. What a great Christmas gift to all of you guys. God is listening to all of our prayers. We will keep praying.
    Jean and John Margiotta


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