Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Zack's Birthday Bash!

Zack's 16th B-day Bash was a Big hit! Thank You to all that came out to celebrate and support Zack. We opened his gifts the next day and enjoyed reading each card, I'm sorry I wont be able to send out individual Thank You's, but know Zack was all smiles and definitely felt loved. By the way the winner of the Trader Joe's raffle bag went to Marrissa Metoyer! Also Zack slept through the night that night and every night since after we adjusted a medication that I believe was causing the insomnia.

Project Walk is going great he made his trainer and all of us very happy when he moved his legs today!!!! I even caught it on video (more about that to come).

Zack has gone to the movies, and to a couple different friends houses to hangout, that's my social boy!

I also wanted to Thank you for the encouraging comments on the blog, I don't have time to respond to them, but I appreciate them and feel supported.

Great week...Love, Amber

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  1. Zack looks so happy to be surrounded by so many friends and his family. I am only sorry we missed it! Happy 16th Birthday Zack!

    I nanny a 4 year old, Ellie, whom prayers for Zack at each at each meal and bedtime. She just wanted to make sure that she thinks of you every day :) Our continued prayers too.

    Mike and Sonia Brown


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